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Absolute value inc.


Placing the utmost importance on 

  client service and appraiser expertise.

  Superior Status Reporting

  Through this website, the status of every appraisal assignment is instantly emailed to the loan officer, processor, underwriter or any other designee.  The panel  appraisers are consistently trained

  in the use of our tracking system and are contacted every by AVI staff each day to follow up on outstanding assignments.

  Superior Appraisal Service Backed By Technology
  We utilize state of the art appraisal management software, in conjunction with dedicated and available staff who maintain constant contact with, and supervision of, our appraisers.  Your company

  determines the due date of the appraisal and AVI insures adherence to that date.  All rush requests, and special requirements are always honored.  Absolute Value has the ability to integrate with

  most Loan Origination Systems.  Continuously implementing new technology, AVI has leveraged multiple, significant advancements in the appraisal process in order to better provide real-time

  services to our clients.  Utilizing the most accurate data and research techniques, we consistently out-perform our competitors. AVI has consistently been ahead of the curve regarding the

  implementation of cutting edge appraisal tools.  We are committed to continuing to be a technology leader in our industry.

  Unlimited Online Appraisal Storage
  Every completed appraisal assignment is available online.  At the client's request, the report can be forwarded to the consumer, allowing for quicker compliance.

  Quality Control
  Our clients determine the level of quality control required to meet their needs.  This can range from a simplified computer based review, enhanced internal review, external desk review and/or field


  License renewal and Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy validation are confirmed on a daily basis to ensure that all appraisals represent a fully compliant report in regard to current appraiser



  Partners in Success

  A successful appraisal is only as good as its components and the primary component is the field appraiser. The appraisers on AVI's panel have been selected and retained based on consistent

  demonstration of quality reporting, consistent communication, responsiveness and excellent customer service throughout the entire appraisal process. Our relationship with each AVI panel

  appraisers is valued as strongly as our relationship with each client.  Our staff and appraisers value a reciprocal relationship based on respect, trust and continued learning supported by clear,

  and consistently met, expectations. The AVI/client/appraiser relationship is paramount to producing the best possible appraisal products. 

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