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Placing the utmost importance on 

  client service and appraiser expertise.

   To order an appraisal using your assigned user

    name and password, please click on the Login

    page link above. 

    If this is your first time ordering and you do not

    have a user name and password, please call
    617.314.7446 to attain them immediately, or

    request them via email at

    orders@absolutevalueinc.com.  Please note

    "PASSWORD REQUEST" in the email subject

     line.  Ordering with your user name and
     password allows you to properly manage your


       order an appraisal

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Detailed Instructions for Filling Out Order Form

     1.  Login-- Log in using your assigned user name and password.

     2.  Select Place an Order -- Enter the data in all of the appropriate fields: including loan number, case number, etc. It is important to  

     identify the processor (or other report recipient) in the drop down menu to ensure the file gets returned to the correct individual.  The

     required fields are identified with an *.

     3.  Identify the Property Type -- Choose either SFR (single family residential), Condo or Multi Family (from the drop down menu).

     4.  Identify Report Type-- Select the product: 1004, FHA 1004, 1004D re-inspection, etc.

     5.  Identify Loan Type -- Select FHA or Conventional (from the drop down menu).

     6.  Add Notes/Special Instructions -- Identify the specifics of the request.  This area can be used to communicate

     the urgency of the request, specific contacts, etc.

     7.  Select Payment Method -- Credit card payments require all borrower credit card information to be entered. Individual checks

     require a copy of the check to be uploaded to the order.  Payment terms can be structured to meet client needs.

     8.  Upload Any Documents -- After all data for the appraisal request has been entered, click Save. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
     where you will then see Click Here to upload a file.  Items to upload may include: check copies, purchase and sales agreements, deeds,

     condominium questionnaires, etc.